Winter Solstice 2019- Talliston Dreaming

A podcast of writing inspired by Talliston House and Gardens for this Winter Solstice 2019. All the pieces are  loosely inspired by the theme of dreams. Partly recorded at Talliston October 2018- October 2019, during my residency. The writers circle met four times during the year, during which we drank strange mushroom teas, rhubarb gin, concocted charms and tried out spells, shared dreams and allows ourselves to be enchanted by the rich magic of Talliston.  To find out more about Talliston and The Strangers Guide to Talliston, the beautiful book inspired by it and written by John Tarrow, go here:

Intro by me,  Bernadette Russell

Track: A Strange Dream by V.V. Campos

1.Story:”Dreaming in the House of Secrets” by Sarah Wragg

Track: Through Dark Gardens by Arthur Benson

2.Story: “The Office of Dreams” by Jools Abrams

Track: Water Ripples by Rachel Meyer

3. Extract from the novel “And Breathe” by Emma Vandore

Track: Dreaming of Tomorrow by Francis Wells

4.Story: “The Birds are Calling” by Sara Boreham

Track: Reaching for Dreams by Spirit of Our Dreams

5.Story: Extract from the novel “The Boy Who Stole Time” by Mark Bowsher

Track: Forest of Lost Souls by Mandala Dreams

6. Story: “Forest” by Bernadette Russell

Track: Winter Solstice by Gavin Luke

7. Story: "The Dreamer of Ants” by John Tarrow

Track: Music Box by Bernadette Russell


A chat with poet and artist Dan Thompson at the opening of his first solo show "Your England"- about englishness, hope and the sea, amongst other things. 

A  podcast with a selection of interviews from my very brief visit to 2018's Edinburgh Festival, featuring Jules Craig (of Sisterhood) , Gareth Brierley and Fiona Creese (of People Show), some actors from Durham University, and festival veterans Mark and Anthea. 




Bernadette Russell and Rob Kennedy were invited to be part of Volcano Theatre's Troublemaker's Festival, curated by Dan Thompson. "Sign of The Times" is a placard making immersive workshop, followed by a march and a rally which included these local performers reading a list of wants.

Images of this project in Swansea can be found here 

Recorded and edited by Rob Kennedy.

Troublemakers Festival was 14-18 July 2017.

Two days after the 2017 U.K general election, we asked people to tell us what they want, as part of our project "Sign of the Times"

They each listed ten things, chose their favourite, then made  a placard of that one. The placards and lists went on public display at Toynbee Studios in Shoreditch. This podcast include every single "want" written down that day. To see more images of the results, go here

A mini podcast presented by Bernadette Russell, following the live show at Deptford Lounge on 3rd December 2016. This podcast features:

This is not a place of honour (short story) by Hector Dyer


Dark Dark Space (song) by Ben Griffith feat. Clembo 


The orginal live show featured Bernadette Russell (host and curator), Dr Galliano (physicist), Bentley Crudgington (biologist) Mariposa Bop (burlesque performance artist) the poets of Meet Me at The Albany (working with Simon Mole and Trica Jenkins) Midi Music Creative Choir, George of Bermondsey (AKA Cunning Folk, folk musician) and Nancy Hynes (poet). Santa's Sci Fi Salon was a variety night looking at the possibilities of a positive future, with space dust and those spaceship shaped sweets that are full of sherbet. It was fun.

For images of the live show please go here


"The Thing That I Do" , the second of our stories for National Storytelling Week 2016 week commencing 30th Jan. Recorded at the BBC, produced by Jon Ward, written and read by Gareth Brierley.

In celebration of National Storytelling Week commencing 30th Jan 2016, here's a story recorded at the BBC, produced by John Ward, written and read aloud by Bernadette Russell

A story to accompany the collection of dolls housed in the Job Centre, Deptford, for Deptford X 2014 by Bernadette Russell.

"the quickest way to defeat the devil is to laugh at him"
This story and the dolls were inspired by the live cabaret "Fanny Peculiar's Hellfire Club", hosted and curated in 2014 by Bernadette Russell and Emma O Rourke, pictures of which can be found here

Gareth Brierley interviews Bernadette Russell about her project 366 Days of Kindness. Affected by the riots in August 2011 Bernadette carries out  an act of  kindness every day for a year to a complete stranger. They discuss the great days, the bad days, and the achievements of this herculean task.

For more information about this project go here

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