How To Be Hopeful Episode 14- “Making The Ordinary Extraordinary”

July 13, 2020

This episode I speak with Gemma Seltzer, writer and facilitator of “Write And Shine” – writing workshops and retreats which help people to find their writing lives and celebrate “the joyful inspirational power of the morning”

 Gemma has created some other amazing projects and speaks about some of them here, including “Speak To Strangers” and “Look Up At The Sky” . She speaks about making the “ ordinary extraordinary’ and about how she is interested in how you can “ create the conditions to really connect with people…”

We speak about the power of active, compassionate listening, as well as how Gemma finds hope right now, particularly  in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement “there isn’t just one way to contribute to social change … in this moment there is a range of ways… the hope lies in  us working out what we can do to contribute - seeing people work out the step forward gives me hope”

We speak about our shared belief in the power of small everyday actions because   “ If we do something every day the world can potentially change”

We also speak about the hope and lifeline that can be provided to people by finding space and time to be creative. Gemma says  it can help you to “trust your own voice “ and that it also helps “with empathy towards others … it is quite magical… transformative  “

To find out more about Gemma's workshops go here: https://write-and-shine.com 

you can connect with her on socials here:


instagram: @writeandshine.ldn

More soon! 

Love Bernadette

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