How To Be Hopeful Episode 19: ““How can we make the world better? Start small”.

August 17, 2020

How To Be Hopeful Episode 19: “How can we make the world better? Start small”.

In this week’s episode, I speak with Trina Lynskey, early years education consultant , London Green Spaces Commissioner and  Chair of DeptfordFolk  park users group.

We speak about the about the power and effectiveness of taking action for positive change in your neighbourhood, and about the impact of the coronavirus on children.

Trina speaks about where hope lies for her: “ I am hopeful …that there is a huge cohort of very professional people who are looking out for children and will do their best to make it good”

She speaks about how impressed she is by the way that schools and teachers have responded to the situation: “they’ve done an incredible job, the way the school was organised …everything felt really relaxed and chilled, and I thought we have to come out of this in a better place “

Trina added that it “ made me really happy … that in the most extreme difficult circumstances, especially at the start when we didn’t know the extent of what we were facing.. that those teachers went to school and made it safe “

Trina speaks about how DeptfordFolk  park users group came about,  and how much has been achieved by them since. She encourages anyone to do the same, however small, “Tiny interventions can make a huge impact and difference. How do we make the world better? … you can find a little nook in your local area and make a huge difference …  it could be as simple as watering a street tree or planting some flowers around that tree pit or… something to improve that very small bit of where you live “

We consider the fact  that some things you have to “fight fight and fight for”  and the importance of self-care and resilience to avoid burn out.

We also speak about the future of cities, and Trina quotes Enrique Peñalosa (Former Mayor of Bogota) who said, children are a kind of indicator species, if we can build a successful city for children, we will have a successful city for everyone.”

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