How To Be Hopeful episode 22 “No one is too small to make difference”

September 7, 2020

This week I chat with 12 year old climate activist Thierry Spall, who became an environmental campaigner when he was only 8, after watching David Attenborough programmes abut the devastating effects and realising "it was real and I had to do something". I chatted with Thierry abut his campaigns at school, his fundraising and his involvement in Extinction Rebellion, at the beginning of their 2020 October Rebellion- a series of actions and protests to highlight the climate and ecological emergency. He spoke about how "everyones voice does count and should be listened to"  but that "I don't think we should bring the full burden down of everything onto people who are still young" We met on Tuesday 1st September at Parliament Square, when Thierry and lots of other children and young people were delivering their letters of concern and demands to the British Government. Thierry's commitment to positive change at such a young age gave me such huge hope for the future, and listening to him is a timely reminder of our responsibilities to ensure all young people and the planet get the future they deserve. Thierry is currently making his own wildlife documentary "Doorstep Nature" encouraging people to find and observe nature close to home. His advice to us grown ups? "listen more to nature.... notice if what we are doing has a drastic effect or a positive impact on the environment... and change"

You can find out more about Extinction Rebellion here: https://extinctionrebellion.uk 

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