How To Be Hopeful Episode 36- “Motherhood and Hope”

January 21, 2021

This week I speak with the wonderful Maggie Gordon Walker : actor, writer and director of all kinds of creative projects, and founder of Mothers Uncovered- a creative support network for mums. We speak about many things including the meaning and importance of knowing and sharing words that help us understand how we feel and who we are. Such a word is MATRESCENCE- a  word used to describe "the physical, psychological, and emotional changes people go through during the monumental transformation that is motherhood." (definition found here )

We speak about the community she created, and how they came together to find "joyous and defiant hope" - also about the book she wrote "The Secret Life of Mothers"  (a collection of the stories and lived experiences of mothers she connected with through her work) 

We also discuss the power and fun of having an alter-ego, Maggie's ideas of utopia, and Universal Basic Income. We got interrupted by her cat. We had technical hitches. We had a great chat.

You can connect with Maggie here:


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and you can buy her book "The Secret Life of Mothers" directly from her publisher here:


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Much love and more hope soon


Bernadette x