How To Be Hopeful Episode 37- “Hope, art, fashion and the joy of dressing up”

February 15, 2021

I was delighted to have a chat with the  performance and video artist Paula Varjack this week- we discussed many things including her journey, her inspirations, and where she finds  and maintains hope for herself. We chatted about her wonderful "Manifesto for Artists in A Crumbling Arts Economy"- a fantastic artwork which developed from "Show Me The Money" her "playful investigation" of how artists survive and make a living in an austerity blighted landscape. We spoke about her show "The Cult of Kenzo" about her frustrated relationship to high fashion, and from there to the joy to be found in dressing up. We also discussed her recent art work "Coming Out To My Father". She is a hopeful, inspiring, brilliant and bold artist- I hope you enjoy listening to our chat- you can find out more about Paula here: 


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