How To Be Hopeful Episode 38- “Citizens of The World- a choir of hope”

March 1, 2021

This week I am delight to be chatting with Becky Dell of the Citizens of The World Choir, a beautiful and talented musical community composed of refugees, their friends and neighbours. With over 28 countries represented, the choir sings songs and celebrate cultures from all over the world- a joyous, positive and hopeful experience for all. Becky says they exist to "help healing through the power of music, to help community integration because  we’re composed of  half refugees and half non refugees…. but also to  elevate the story of refugees and migrants and the important the contribution they make to our society”

She goes on to say "the choir has fundamentally changed everyone involved lives for the better...  even in the darkest moment of your life look to see how you can turn the situation around .. dig deep and find hope….”  

I hope you enjoy listening to our chat- you can support and connect with the choir here http://www.citizensoftheworldchoir.org/

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I hope the recent hopeful announcements regarding lockdown, and the lighter days have lifted your spirits too. Hang on in there lovelies, brighter days are coming

Love Bernadette