How To Be Hopeful- Season One Episode One Remembered When We Cheered and Why

April 6, 2020

Hello and welcome to my new podcast series. How To Be Hopeful is a non fiction podcast about why hope is important, and how to find and nurture hope particularly in difficult times. Its about finding hope for ourselves, our communities and the world, and about exploring all the ways we can do this.

This first episode was recorded in Deptford, SE London, during the COVID 19 lock down and contains interviews with my sister and brother in law who are both nurses in the NHS.

It's about how appreciation and gratitude can make us feel happier. It's about making sure we hold on to what we gained and learned from this experience, and about the opportunity we have to create a better world once it is over. 

My book "How To Be Hopeful" published by Elliot and Thompson is due out September 2020. This podcast series is a chance for me to chat again to some of the people who I interviewed for the book, as well as some people who I didn't have the chance to. I hope you enjoy it. 

More soon!

Love Bernadette