The Scriptorium WINTER 2022- Why we write…

April 6, 2022

Throughout Feb and March 2022, I ran a 6 week creative writing course called "The Scriptorium WINTER " with an amazing bunch of people. As winter turned to spring we explored, wrote about, and considered many themes together  : dawn and dusk, fools and tricksters, luck and superstition, the moon and the stars, maps and murmurations. Our last session was inspired by the literary Salons and Hellfire Clubs of the 16th and 17th centuries. Each member of The Scriptorium received a box of curious items and ephemera, a "wunderkammer-through-the-post", and we wrote inspired by the objects contained within. 

In this audio piece created and recorded on the night, we answered the question "why do we write?". 

We hope you enjoy it 

Many thanks to Debra McGee and Revelation Ashford who made The Scriptorium possible. 

If you would be interested in future creative writing courses, please get in touch by email bernadette@thewhiterabbit.org.uk

More soon 

Love Bernadette