WONDER episode 2- original stories read aloud from Revelation Ashford

May 1, 2020

Happy Beltane!

We have been working with the lovely team at Revelation Ashford during lockdown to create a little bit of wonder..... since we won't able to do a live show until later in the year, we're sharing a taste of what we've been up to online to keep you entertained at home.

Make yourself a cuppa or something stronger and join us in Wonderland!  We've created a series of short story podcasts to help us all get through these strange days.  Featuring the work of local writers and read aloud by the team at White Rabbit, here for your listening pleasure.

This is the second of  four podcasts in the series that will be broadcast here on the first of each month, you'll also be able to search for them on iTunes and Youtube.  We'll send you a reminder each month, and you can follow us here to ensure you don't miss any 

This second one was recorded during lock down in Deptford on 1st May 2020.

WONDER Episode Two

Track one: Sea of Wonder by Ranna Sillard

Story one: "Roger" by  Malcom Dixon. Read by Bernadette Russell

Track two: "The Wonder of a Child" by Edgar Hopp

Story two: "Granny Takes A Trip" By Bella Basura. Read by Gareth Brierley

Track three: "It's a Wonder" by Headlund

Coming up! 


"Wonder Man" by Zac Thraves
"Wonder"  by Fiona O'Brien


"The Women On The Bus" by Jo Tandy
"OK, Daddy-long-legs and the Infinite Web" by Niamh Bagnell
"Heaven Sent" by Sue McGonigal NO! Susan Hndley??

This new work has been made possible thanks to the funding partners of Revelation which are: Ashford Borough Council, Arts Council England, Kent County Council and The Godinton Trust.