WONDER episode 4: original short stories read aloud from Revelation Ashford

July 1, 2020

WONDER Episode four

Here is the  last episode in our series of short story podcasts on the theme of WONDER in collaboration with Revelation Ashford.Recorded during lock down 2020 in Deptford. Hope you enjoy the stories

Track one: Sea of Wonder by Ranna Sillard

Story one: "The Women On The Bus" by Jo Tandy

Read by Bernadette Russell and Emma Waterford

Track two: Serenity of Midsummer by Clarke Russo

Story two: ""Heaven Sent" by Susan Handley

Read by Bernadette Russell

Track three "When Morning Came” Clarke Russo

Story three: OK, Daddy-long-legs and the Infinite Web" by Niamh Bagnell

Read by Gareth Brierley

 Track four: “Waltz With Me” by Martin Carlberg

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This new work has been made possible thanks to the funding partners of Revelation which are: Ashford Borough Council, Arts Council England, Kent County Council and The Godinton Trust.